Brachypelma smithi Aphnopelma seemani

Shipping Policy

Shipping within the Continental U.S.A only.

Live Arrival Guarantee on Overnight Shipping only:

Orders taking longer than 26 hours in transit are at Captive Inverts discretion on replacement.

We are not responsible for mistakes, and or delays caused by the shipping carrier.

LAG is void on temperatures below 32 degrees, and above 90 degrees.

LAG is void if you do not sign for the package on the 1st delivery attempt.

All packages will be sent with a signature required, unless you specify otherwise.

Heat packs, and foam lined boxes will be used at our discretion:

Please notify us if you are expecting inclement weather in your area.

We will check the weather before shipping, but your assistance helping us in the area only further assists in making sure your animals arrive in the best condition.

Year around shipping:

We will ship year around, however holding shipments due to inclement weather is at our discretion.

No refunds will be issued due to us holding a shipment until the weather conditions improve.


Refunds will not be issued. Any Dead on Arrival's will result in us replacing the original order. If we are unable to do so, you will be issued a credit to be used with Captive Inverts at anytime. Shipping fees will never be refunded. The customer is responsible for paying shipping on any replacement orders.

Tarantulas, Scorpions, Centipedes, and Supplies cannot be shipped in the same box as Roaches:

We can ship Tarantulas, Scorpions, Centipedes, and Supplies together. Roaches will require their own additional shipping charge.

Overnight Shipping vs. Priority Shipping:

We strongly urge our customers to choose Overnight Shipping. LAG is only offered on Overnight Shipping.

Priority Shipping is more cost effective, and typically takes 2-3 days.

We have shipped many times using Priority without issue. We however cannot offer LAG on any Priority shipments.

Shipping Rates:

Overnight Shipping is $30 per box.

Priority Shipping is $10 per box.

Shipping prices are for animals only. If you order supplies, and the weight exceeds our shipping costs, we will notify you prior to shipping your order on any additional shipping fees.

Heat Packs, and Foam lined boxes are included in our shipping prices if they are deemed necessary.

Shipping Carrier:

Shipping carrier will be chosen by our discretion


We are to be notified within 4 hours of shipment delivery of any Dead on Arrivals. We will request either a picture, or for the animal to be shipped back to us at the buyers expense. Failure to do this will result in voiding our LAG.

Minimum Order

$25 minimum order not including shipping.

Address Change

Shipping will be to the address provided via PayPal. Changes to shipping address less than 24 hours in advance will not be accepted unless we have sent a return email confirming that we received the change. For last minute changes, we do suggest calling. Phone numbers are available to you on the "Contact Us" page. Captive Inverts cannot be held liable for customers that have provided us the incorrect shipping address.