Brachypelma smithi Aphnopelma seemani

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About Us

All the administrators of Captive Inverts are strongly commited to the hobby of keeping invertebrates. Though there are many marketable implications that can be afforded in such a culture, you can rest assured, that we are firmly dedicated to the preservation of the intellectual value and emotional attachments to the people involved and their pets.

As one of the newest online presenses we welcome many a variety of members to join our community, post photos, recieve rewards, and stock up on these precious creatures.

All of our items come direct to you from the Western-Pacific United States. Unfortunately at this time we can only ship to members in the United States. But make sure to keep an eye on us for available changes to our shipping policy in the potentially-near future.

Brandon Smith

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Brandon lives in Vancouver, WA with his son, dogs, and has a basement full of 8 legged critters. Feel free to ask Brandon any questions you may have. He is always glad to assist you with your collection in any way he can. Brandon has been collecting, and breeding Invertebrates for 8 years now.

Ben Quintana

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Ben resides in San Antonio, TX. He is a family man with a wife and son. Ben maintains an array of inverts from tarantulas, roaches, and centipedes. As the hobby has changed over the years, Ben has become very interested in the captive breeding to help maintain our hobby. He is a vendor at many shows including NARBC Arlington and others throughout Texas. Ben has been collecting inverts for over 6 years.